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Stanislavsky and Yoga, Sergei Tcherkasski
Theatre and Boxing: The Actor Who Flies, Franco Ruffini

This book deals with one of the most important sources of the Stanislavsky System - Yoga, its practice and philosophy. Sergei Tcherkasski carefully collects ... więcej

This book tells the story of a revolution in the work of the actor during the early and mid-20th century, a period in which the focus of theatrical interest ... więcej

Etienne Decroux and his Theatre Laboratory, Marco de Marinis
The Moon Rises from the Ganges, Eugenio Barba

Etienne Decroux and His Theatre Laboratory is based on the long-awaited translation of Marco De Marinis' monumental work on mime in the twentieth century: ... więcej

The Moon Rises from the Ganges: My Journey through Asian Acting Techniques presents Eugenio Barba’s most important texts on his research into the ... więcej

Jerzy Grotowski's Journeys to the East, Zbigniew Osinski
Sustainability, Robertson Margaret

Jerzy Grotowski’s Journeys to the East is an unusual collection of facts, quotations, and commentaries documenting the real and metaphorical ... więcej

Sustainability Principles and Practice gives an accessible and comprehensive overview of the interdisciplinary field of sustainability. The focus is on ... więcej