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ksiazka tytuł: Gravitoni autor: Pan Sonic



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Autor: Pan Sonic
Wydawnictwo: Blast First Petite
ISBN: 978-83-62302-21-5
Format: CD
Wydanie: 2010 r.
Język: polski

Dostępność: dostępny
62,00 zł 58,90 zł

Pan Sonic cite their main influences from the early 1980s, with industrial acts like Throbbing Gristle, Einstürzende Neubauten and Suicide to reggae, hip-hop and dub. Vainio often remarks that their music is a merger of these two schools of music, taking the harsh and pure sounds typical of industrial techno and spacing them out into longer, subdued soundscapes familiar to instrumental reggae and dub. The late outsider rockabilly artist Hasil Adkins is also cited, as well as country music star Johnny Cash.

Some of their equipment is made by third "extra" member Jari Lehtinen. These and other custom made instruments are responsible for creating the sounds typical to Pan Sonic's music. They also use samplers and an MPC2000 sequencer. Pan Sonic are great fans of experimentation and art performances and have done exhibitions and sound installations in museums. They have also made music for Rei Kawakubo's fashion shows.

In a musical form in which sequencing and recording music using computers is standard, the group is known for recording everything live, straight to DAT (Digital Audio Tape) using home-made and modified synthesizers and effect units.

In the late 1980s, as part of a "sound performance", the duo spent 10 hours in a garage, exposed to low-frequency (13 Hz) noise at 125 decibels. They performed a gig in London's East End from an armoured car using a 5000 watt sound system allegedly "similar" to the type used by the police to disorient rioters.

Gravitoni (CD)
1. Voltos Bolt
2. Wanyugo
3. Fermi
4. Corona
5. Radio Qurghonteppa
6. Trepanointi / Trepanation
7. Väinämöisen Uni / Väinämöinen Dreams
8. Suuntaa-Antava / Indicational
9. Hades
10. Kaksoisvinokas / Twinaskew
11. Pan Finale



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